Little Car's 1st Birthday Party

Today I'm so happy to share Trim's first little birthday party with you!It was such a happy day from start to finish and we just had so much fun celebrating!
My little boy turned One !
And to celebrate, we threw him a little car birthday party.
Immediately when I started thinking about the party I knew it would  be with Cars! My oldest boy is always been obsessed with them so naturally we have a bunch of little cars ,so we decorated a car -themed table and some little decorations.We live in a flat so we kept it simple.I feel like the first birthday celebration is as much for the parents as it is the baby,and I didn't want to overwhelm.So we just invited our immediate family and kept it intimate and small.

It was pretty easy to set a car-themed table.It turned out really nicely with some plastic plates ,my son's road fabric and little cars!

We had little decorations from my Mom and this road sign in the shape of T (for Trim).It's just a cardboard painted in black and than added the dashes and cars.And the stop lights from toilet paper roll are awesome!

The KitKat cake with car's was so much fun to make.It is a no bake cake,all I did was put around the chocolates and fill it on top with m&m's.There are so many simple options that still look amazing if you really want to do the cake yourself.

Remember to have fun,you are celebrating the day you first met your little one.Not how well you decorate or cook.Remember what you are celebrating and enjoy the day.Enjoy your little one's excitement,laughter and joy.


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