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Aksesorët,bluzat dhe cantat me detaje Pom-Pom janë një nga trendet më të pëlqyera të stinës së dimrit.Trendi Pom-Pom mund të shfaqet në ngjyra të ndryshme.Pom-Pom aksesorë krijojnë një pamje të larmishme dhe të ngrohtë për sezonin dimëror. Pjesa më e bukur e kësaj është se mund ti bëni vetë në shtëpi pa nevojë të ndonjë materiali special.

Ja disa foto më poshtë ,jua tregoj metodën time shumë të thjeshtë dhe praktike nëse ke nevojë të bësh Pom-Pom të vegjël!!

Funksionon shumë mirë!

Mua më duhhej të zbukuroj kapëse flokësh-dhurata për princezat e vogla!

Materialet dhe mjetet:
Fije në ngjyra të ndryshme
Kapëse flokësh
Pom Pom aksesories,shirts,handbags,skarfs are totally hit this winter!They can be made in a different colors.Pom Pom details are creating a winter and colorfull cozy look to our clothes and aksesories.And the best part is that you can do them by your self with no special tools req…


Mother's Day is a special day to celebrate our Mother's and all mother figures in our lives and also to celebrate being a mom..Every mother want's to feel extra loved on this special day.Caring for the family all year long, our Moms deserve the expression of our love.Going out is not a bed idea, but hosting a simple lunch at home for our mamas will make them fell extra special. So consider to make a surprise lunch or brunch for the special mamas in your life. To run it successfully you should start by thinking about the table decoration.To help inspire your Mother's Day lunch I present you a wonderful idea for your table decoration.To really impress your mom check it out.

When we think of the decoration of a dining table,the first thing that comes to our mind is the centerpiece of the table because it's the most important element that catches our eyes first.So when we think of mother's day the first thing that comes to our mind is FLOWERS.What could express the love of our mothers better than flowers?So it's a good idea to combine many kinds of flowers that you have.

As the main color of this table decor I chose purple because is the most feminine and glamorous color for this occasion.The centerpiece flowers are combination of pink white and purple.It was hard to find purple flowers at this there ,might be a small secret with those roses.

Even though they look amazingly real, these roses are faux.Only the greenery is fresh.You can find them at AliExpress for an everlasting arrangement or you can create this look with a dozen fresh roses as well.

Each place is set with a silver charger,black edged plate and a little purple pom pom tissue paper flower on top.I love to put something crafty on my tables.Always top off a place setting with an interesting decor.

Mother's Day is one of my favorite occasions,and I take this day to give thanks to the strength and unconditional live that mothers have.
Becoming a mom was just the most incredible thing ever and is truly the best job in the world.


  1. Your table setting is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing at C&C with J&J.

  2. Well said that purple looks more feminine and glamorous color. You have arranged everything just perfectly. Now I am also thinking to throw a nice tea party at event venues Chicago on mother’s day and going to invite friends of my mom. Hope she will like my work.


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